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'Web Downloader' freeware update -
And finally, our 'Web Downloader', the freeware internet download manager, has been updated to version

A lot of a lot of code was changed, some code that was not needed anymore - since Windows and all browsers keep changing things - has been removed. The "context menu" utility has been removed too, since most recent web browsers require an 'extension' to do it and it's not easy to do it from a foreign software that they didn't 'approve' in the first place... wassat

The HELP file has been updated too, including now all the new options and resources, as well as new pictures of the freeware. There's a new section about the companion "Drop Box" too, useful when you just want to drag'n'drop items to Web Donload's window without all the clutter on your PC's desktop.

I still use this software myself all the time, as I feel it's the easiest and most option packed of all available - and it's FREE, on top of that. smile

And, as always, this and all other freeware programs can be downloaded directly from my freeware webpage.
22 Sep 2021 by Jose Falcao

'Mini Calculator' freeware update -
The very small 'Mini Calculator' has been updated to version

This very small freeware is a very unobtrusive calculator for your desktop, being - maybe - the smalest Windows calculator on the market! And it's FREE! It has a "paper clip" where it shows you all calculations (with the option to save all to disk for future reference) and also has a bunch of scientific functions on the side, among other little things. smile

As always, this and all other freeware is available from the freeware webpage, so... why not test it?
31 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao

FREE software? Yes, it is!
Everything on the freeware webpage has always been free and it will be kept like this. Nevertheless, downloads are now well above 200 Mb per day, and it is costing a bit to maintain it...

So if you want to help support this freeware page and if you like using the freeware available and want to see it get improved, as it has been often, just go to the donations page and.. well, you know what it is for... smile

There is a very nice article, by the way, that you can check regarding FREE software and what most people usually think - not correctly - it is.

And, of course, keep sending me feedback on all the programs, your suggestions and opinions, what you would like to see modified or improved - and a few donations to help keep all this going - as hearing from you is what really helps me keep motivated to further develop those utility programs making them better for everyone.
29 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao

'Image Downloader' freeware update -
The 'Image Downloader' freeware has been updated again, up to version

The search method and search engine used by Image Downloader (and searcher) has been changed again, making it work just fine all over again. Search engines are always changing and it is sometimes hard to keep up with all the modifications. wassat

Nowadays, if we want to use any software to reach and deliver any search engine searches, we have to use their 'Search APIs' which are not free anymore. So, in effect, we have to pay to do our own private use - and it costs a lot of $$ per month for any subscription! It'll be increasingly difficult to keep this working for free but, so far.... wink

Anyway, it is running as intended again.

New downloads available at the freeware page as always.
29 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao

'Pic Viewer' (and editor) freeware update -
The 'Pic Viewer' (and editor) freeware has been updated to version, with some more image modifying filters, a new up to date help file, and some improvements to the code inside, for more speed and efficiency.

This looks like a simple image viewer but, like all our freeware, if you delve on it you'll find so much more in terms of options, modifying filters, and some more..

And as always, you can download this latest version - and all other freeware - from our freeware page.
22 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao

'Date Reminder' freeware update -
And also 'Date Reminder' freeware, our little utility to never allow you to forget a date again, has been updated to version, after a whole lot of updates that were not shown here, on the blog - sorry.. wassat

You can now create as many 'categories' as you want to better sort all dates : names, 'On Top' option works correctly now, program 'shortcut' keys were added to the menus to improve user usability, and software is now compatible with latest windows.controls v.3. A lot of minor changes to the code and also a few cosmetic changes.

This new version can be downloaded from the freeware page, were you will also find lots of other useful utilities.
16 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao

'ToDo Reminder' freeware update -
'ToDo Reminder' freeware has had a few more updates being up to version

When 'Window On Top' was set, all dialogs would 'hide' behind the main window - oddly, as it used to work previously.. Also, all mentions of the old (original) name have been changed to 'ToDo Reminder', as it should have been a long time ago. And a few minor changes to improve the code were done too.

You can get it now from the Freeware page, as always.
16 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao

'Wv player' free multimedia player update -
Freeware multimedia player, 'Wav player', has been updated up to version

WV player can now create multiple play lists, according to user's wish and preferences, allowing you to have a play list for each type of music, singer, style,... just to give a few examples!

MP3 tag editor is also improved, with better edition of ID3 TAGS, and addition of 45 new genre tags to ID3 genre, among other things.

Video playing window allows for proper resizing and saving of individual frames to disk at will. And a few more minor improvements and cosmetic changes.

The help file has been updated too and now allows for 'context help', showing the correct help page related to the window/dialog open at each moment.

This MM player is another of my freeware that I use - and love - every day. It has all the options and features I need, and then some! Plays any type of sound and video file available to Windows™ operating system. smile

As always, all new versions of this and every other freeware can be freely downloaded from the freeware webpage, where all my freeware is located.
13 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao

'ToDo Reminder' freeware update -
'ToDo Reminder' freeware has had a few more updates and is now at version

This one already had a lot of changes and improvements done to it previously, turning it into a *real* full options software, but was never released for public use as version unfortunately. Now I made a few more cosmetic touches, updated it to v3 of 'controls' and.. that's about it. smile

I use this software every single day myself, as it really is unobtrusive, being small and quite fast, and does reminds me of everything I have to do in an easy and simple way!

In case someone is worried, it also has been tested for virus by using five different antivirus and the Antivirus Report can be found here: ToDo Reminder antivirus report

As always, all freeware can be downloaded from here. Keep sending your suggestions, ideas and... *knocks on wood* bugs! wink
12 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao

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