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'Image Downloader' freeware update -
'Image Downloader' freeware continues being updated all the time, and is now at version

Appart from the bug corrected (see notice bellow), the search method for Image Downloader (and searcher) has been changed again, making it work well again, as the search engines are always changing and it is sometimes hard to keep up with all the modifications. wassat

Anyway, it is running as intended again.

New downloads available at the freeware page as always...
13 Feb 2012 by Jose Falcao

'File Renamer' freeware update -
'File renamer' freeware continues being updated all the time, and is now at version

Appart from the bug corrected (see notice bellow), a lot of changes were also made to the File Renamer freeware, keeping it evolving well after 12 years of development already:

- Remembers last used renaming options between uses.

- Preferences window as been rearranged as it really was too small.

- A new main Menu has been added to the application, as well as a new option to hide or show it, for users that preffer not to have it - always caring for all options smile

- Time change options were not using the user's computer date and time format, now it is.

- The 'script creator' has been slightly improved too, and now evry option can be used with it too.

And a few other minor corrections. And if you want some change or improvemento to it, don't hesitate in leting me know. As always, I will introduce it as soon as I can, improving this freeware for all of us smile

Downloads available at the freeware page as always...
13 Feb 2012 by Jose Falcao

All software updated!
All the freeware has been updated again, to correct an odd bug that is present when it was run under Vista or Win7. wassat

Whenever pressing the 'alt' or 'tab' key, some controls would just go invisible, namely the Check boxes, Radio buttons and Buttons, due to a bug pressent in all software compiled with older versions of Borland's Delphi and run in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Together with this update, some other changes were made to some of the freeware, and those will be described on the further news after and above this one. smile

If you are still using any older version of any of the software - you shouldn't be, but.. anyway - here is the list of everything new and updated:

  • File Renamer - ver
  • Image Downloader - version
  • Web Downloader - ver - see more info above..
  • Wv Player - ver
  • Pic Viewer - version
  • ToDo Reminder - version
  • Mini Calculator - version
  • Porta'Menu - version
  • My Agenda - ver
  • File Spliter - version
  • Favorite Tree - version
  • Date Reminder- version
  • Calendar - version
  • Watch timer - version

  • Stock Control - version

And, as always, you can download everything - free - from the freeware webpage, so go there now and check everything out, ok? Well.. it's free anyway! wink
13 Feb 2012 by Jose Falcao

Pic Viewer Antivirus Report
Download3K has downloaded and tested Pic Viewer on 4 Feb 2012 with 4 of the best antivirus engines available today. We have found it to be clean of any form of badware (viruses, spyware, adware, etc.) - the full reports are available below.

Pic Viewer - antivirus report at

05 Feb 2012 by Jose Falcao

'Pic Viewer' freeware update -
And another quick update to 'Pic Viewer' (and editor) freeware is here, with a few more improvements and corrections:

The 'fit image to window' now works also with the viewer in normal window mode (and not only with full screen one).

Command line now accepts either a path with a filename to show or a path by itself to open the viewer on that path folder and wait. Also, if a file name is in the command line, it will only show it on opening if the 'hide file on starting' option is not set, otherwise it'll open the software and select the filename and stop there.

And the top edit/combobox that shows current path - or lets the user input a new one to move to - and saves used paths history is now working. Yes, it was supposed to, but it wasn't... I wonder how I missed this... wassat Thanks go to Michael Bayley again, for pointing this to me and for the other suggestions also present on this update.

So.. go and download this new version from the freeware page and just replace the old executable with this new one.
05 Feb 2012 by Jose Falcao

'Wv player' freeware update -
The multimedia player, 'Wav player', has been updated a few times since last post here, and is now up to version

WvPlayer now has a regular menu on top of the window, like all Window's applications have. This menu can be hidden from the options, though, if you preffer to maintain the old style. The full dropdown menu will always be present from the dropdown buttom right next to 'exit' button, as it was before, and will be kept there.

Some menu shortcuts have been defined too, as well as a few more options to help you work the way you want the software to. One of the new options is 'Click''n''play', and this one allows 'Wv player' to imediately play a file on selecting it from the file browser, without needing to double-click or press the play button.

There is also a 'select all' menu to select all files and play them one after the other, and multiselect is also present already, so it's easy to play as many files as you want in a row.

And, as always, all new versions can be freely downloaded from the freeware webpage. It's FREE, folks! So send me your suggestions, ideas and... donations wink
04 Feb 2012 by Jose Falcao

'Pic Viewer' freeware update -
'Pic Viewer' (and editor) freeware has been updated up to version, thanks to the suggestions and ideas of Michael Bayley that was kind to email with a whole lot of very nice suggestions to add to this software. Thank you Michael.

First, we have the command line - that already existed but was not yet announced to the users wassat and that allows you to supply a folder and a file name for the software to start up with, like:
"path to application\Viewer.exe" "path to file\file name"

Or as in this example (note: don't forget the "commas" if any path has spaces in it, or Windows itself won't recognize it):
"C:\Viewer path\Viewer.exe" "C:\Windows\filename.bmp"

This will open the PicViewer on the folder and show the picture you want it to. smile

Another thing that was done in this version is the option to show the 'file browser' on top of the application window - as it used to stand all the time - or on the left side of the window, if you so preffer, just by changing the option in preferences. So we now have 2 designs for you, the happy user, to choose from:

top   or   left

And some other enhancements have been introduced, like a 'close' toolbar button, the toolbar now resizing properly, an option to show or hide all drives or only the hard drives in your computer, and a few other minor corrections to the source.

So, as always, download this latest version from our freeware page, together with all other freeware of mine.
03 Feb 2012 by Jose Falcao

'Pic Viewer' freeware update -
'Pic Viewer' freeware utility has been updated up to version, thanks to the suggestions and ideas of Don Cohen that was kind to report that the software wouldn't work has an Windows association for any file tipes.

This was due to this freeware not being - yet - ready to accept any command lines, so it wouldn't understand that the user was sending something it's way wassat

This is now, hopefully, corrected and done with. smile

So, as always, download this last version from our FREEware page, where you can also find a lot of my freeware.
18 Nov 2011 by Jose Falcao

'Porta'Menu' freeware update -
The 'Porta'Menu' freeware utility has been updated also, up tp version, thanks to the suggestions and ideas of Murray Balchin that suggested some new uses to this on - thanks Murray smile

This version, among other things retouched and debuged, has the introduction of a command line switch /s to avoid the use of an INI file to save all preferences that are being created along it's use. Like this it will only use defaults and nothing else, but will work like before on all other matters.

And, of course, all FREE software is always available from our FREEware page, so go check everything that it's there.
12 Jul 2011 by Jose Falcao

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