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'Agenda' freeware update -
After a couple of updates - not posted here as they were smaller corrections - 'Agenda' freeware has been updated again, to version

The main change this time is with phone dialing, since now we have 3 possible phones on each contact, and now the user has the open to choose which one he/she wants to dial if the contact has more than one possibility in it. A dialog box will show with a drop-dow box listing all phone numbers availabe.

So, you can download this new version from the freeware page. Keep sending your suggestions and comments, and I will try to keep improving those utilities, ok?
01 Sep 2006 by Jose Falcao

A new freeware release - Porta'Menu
We decided to release our own menu launcher, after all. This was a small launcher menu that was created ages ago, for an older version of windows and that has now been reborn, as a portable device launch menu that I use with my USB pen, when relative paths were introduced in another freeware.

It's name 'porta' means 'door' in Portuguese, and has been kept as it also suggests 'portable' but it's just an happy coincidence wink

It allows you to keep a list of programs - on your disk or any fixed or portable device - to be launched easily from it's menu. And you can order all items by any order you desire, and create separate groups for ordering programs - like 'internet, 'utils', etc...

Has a simple 'hash' control when it starts, for safety, controlling all items in it's menu for changes and/or tampering since last use, effectively making it safer against virus, spyware and the like.

You may define a few options for each separate item, like 'command line' options, icon, and a few other.

It is real small, self contained, and doesn't need installing. Just copy the executable anywere you like, and start using it.

Download it from our freeware page and give it a try!
15 Aug 2006 by Jose Falcao

'File renamer' freeware update -
'File renamer' freeware has a new update available again.

Now, there is a new button on the top left of the window, that will let you search all folders for files, starting from a user defined path, recursively or not, for all files or only for files of certain types, and add all found files directly to Renamer's window, ready to be renamed.

This is useful, if you have lots of files scattered all over your hard disk and want to find those fast to rename them..

As always, you can download 'Renamer' and a few other freeware utilities from our freeware page.
13 Aug 2006 by Jose Falcao

'Softwar Submitter' certified by Softpedia
And already 'Softwar Submit' has been tested and certified by Softpedia as being completely clean of adware/spyware, virus, trojans and backdoors components.

We already knew this, of course, but it's always good to have a third party - like this well known and trusted Softpedia site - certifying all our software. smile

More information about this product's certification and the award is available at Softwar-Submit-Clean-33359.
01 Aug 2006 by Jose Falcao

'Softwar Submitter' new update -
And a new update to 'Softwar Submit', the software to let software authors publish their work online across the internet, is now available.

A few bugs corrected and some small changes have been made to the software thanks to user's suggestions.

You can, of course, download the trial version of this software from our webpage. This trial version has no limits, except for the fact that it only has a few sites available. The full version has in excess of 350 420 real sites.
31 Jul 2006 by Jose Falcao

All software approved as safe by
All our freeware has been checked and awarded a "100% Clean Program" certification, approving it has containing no viruses, spyware and adware of any kind and being completely safe to install.

And if you want to, you can check the individual certification reports directly at their site at:

File Renamer . Web Downloader . Date Reminder . File Spliter . Agenda . ToDo Reminder . Watch . Wav Player
10 Jul 2006 by Jose Falcao

Our software checked safe by
And another independent software site,, has just awarded all our freeware with a "100% Clean Program" certification, that is, it contains no viruses, spyware and adware of any kind and is safe to install.

If you want, you can check certification reports directly at their site here. smile
10 Jul 2006 by Jose Falcao

'ToDo Reminder' freeware update -
'ToDo Reminder' has been updated to version

A lot of changed code, corrected bug that was showing the 'alarms' too many times if that option was selected in preferences, and it now has the ability of selecting more than one item from the list to archive or delete.

New version can be downloaded from here
09 Jul 2006 by Jose Falcao

'Date Reminder' freeware update -
And, as I was at it with 'Date Reminder, there were already a few bugs corrected - that came to evidence with the last option added - and a few changes to simplify the code...

And, of course, every new download is always available from our freeware page.
07 Jul 2006 by Jose Falcao

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