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'Date Reminder' freeware update -
This old user's favorite, 'Date Reminder, has been updated to a new version at last, thanks to suggestions from 'John from Denia', a long time user.

So, there is a new option available, that lets the software check if there are any items marked for 'today' and close itself without a glitch, only showing a message - also configurable - if there is any date to remember.

Of course, this may be a 'dangerous' option as, after you set it, you won't be able to see the program's interface again, ever, as it opens and shuts.. That is why I have added a command line switch so that this option can be disabled from the command line wink

So, to get back to default, either you have to edit the INI file were all options are saved, or use this new -cx command line switch.
07 Jul 2006 by Jose Falcao

'Web Downloader' freeware update
Go to our blog's freeware space and check our web downloader and accelerator, that has been updated again, with a lot of new functionalities like secure authentication, proxy using (anonymous or with authentication), relative paths for using from portable devices like USB pen drives, user configurable timeouts and... a lot more! smile

Just go check and try it as it is FREE anyway!
05 Jul 2006 by Jose Falcao

'Web Downloader' freeware update -
And another small update to version, just to correct 2 small 'bugs' from 'Web Downloader', that were left from last update.. sad

A couple of testing messages were showing and eventually crashing the program. Those messages were just meant for testing during development, and should have been removed before releasing - sorry...
04 Jul 2006 by Jose Falcao

'Web Downloader' freeware update -
And a new update to version, thanks to people mentioning that 'Web Downloader' was crashing when trying to download from unreachable or not responding links.

Those exceptions were really produced inside Web Downloader software, but in response to the Windows DLL it uses, and were closing the program abruptly...

All have been replaced by 'regular' messages that just inform the user of each problem and don't close the program, allowing it to go on with the remaining downloads, as it really should have been from the start. wassat

Also, there is a new option to configure server timeouts, allowing each user to set whichever value is best for him/her. This can prevent some 'n/found' messages that were showing in response from some slower servers, if you set it to a higher value. In practice, if you have a fast connection, just set this value as low as you can - I keep it at 5 seconds and it works ok smile

All values on this option are nevertheless lower than Windows default which is, I think, a bit too high for regular use...
02 Jul 2006 by Jose Falcao

'Web Downloader' freeware update -
And a fast update to version, with the addition of a individual, per file, 'save path'. This is in case you want to save a downloaded file to a different path that the default one. This individual 'save path' takes precedence over all other save paths, of course.
27 Jun 2006 by Jose Falcao

'Web Downloader' freeware update -
With this new version of 'Web Downloader', we are now sure that the proxy is working correctly. And starting with this version, it also supports authentication, in case you need to connect and download anything trough a secured or private proxy - with username and password.

This was not so easy to implement but, as one of our users requested it, we - of course - had to add this functionality to 'Web Downloader'. smile

It also supports 'https' links since a few versions back (forgot to mention it before..) and already has had it's code changed to also authenticate to secure servers, although there is still no place to input the username and password... wassat So only the easy part is missing - will be next to come!

New downloads are available, as always, from our freeware page. Hey, and did I mention already that, if you like the software, we need your donations to help the freeware page survive? wink
27 Jun 2006 by Jose Falcao

Daz Studio - a 3D free software
And as we are on the subject of free software, just check this 3D FREE software application that allows you to easily create beautiful digital 3D art. You can use this software to load in people, animals, vehicles, buildings, props, and accessories to create full digital scenes.

This is a full and powerful software, like a few commercial - and quite expensive - programs already existing on the market, and can be downloaded and used for free at DAZ Productions web page.

Those guys also let you download a few well known 3D figures - like Aiko3, Victoria3 and Michael 3 - for free, to get you started! So go check the webpage. It needs registering to download, but it is free registration with no strings attached.

As a note, I have nothing to do with their company whatsoever. Just downloaded the software, installed and tested it, and - although I am not a 3D artist myself - can see the real potential of it and am still having fun creating.
27 Jun 2006 by Jose Falcao

Free software - what it is (and isn't)
Free software means no cost software, free using by everyone, like in 'free speech', correct? Ok, that is correct, but it doesn't necessarily mean free as in 'free beer'... Confused? You don't need to, as all this - and a little more - is quite well explained in the documents you can find bellow:

Here you have a very nice article explaining on how to 'pay' for free software and describing well what most people think - mistakenly - FREE software does mean...

And of course, there is the official Free Software Definition , from the The Free Software Foundation, that you could find interesting reading.
17 Jun 2006 by Jose Falcao

Freeware downloads
The freeware downloads have reached and passed 2Gb of used bandwidth per month, since the last few months, and this is costing us a bit... sad

So, if you want to help support this freeware page and if you like using the freeware available and seeing it get improved, as it has been often, just go to Donations and.. well, you know what it is for...

There is a very nice article, by the way, that you can check regarding FREE software and what most people usually think - not correctly - it is...

And there is, of course, the official Free Software Definition from The Free Software Foundation.
17 Jun 2006 by Jose Falcao

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