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'ToDo Reminder' freeware update -
'ToDo Reminder' freeware has been updated to version

Again, it has grown a few versions already since last posting here, same reasons as bellow.. wassat

I use this one all the time, so have been making some small changes, correcting bugs, you know.. making it better for everyone smile

And, as always, this new version can be downloaded from here. It's free, folks! So send me your suggestions, ideas and... donations wink
05 Sep 2010 by Jose Falcao

'Wv player' freeware update -
My multimedia player, 'Wav player', has been updated to version As you see, it has grown a few versions already since last posting, which means developement has been going on, just the annoucing part on this blog has freezed for a while... wassat

Anyway.. WvPlayer now is multiselect which means you can select a bunch of files in it's main window and play them all in a row. Of course, it already had a 'Play list' window, much better when you want to create... duhh.. play lists. smile

Apart from this, the program is the same, freeware as always, and can be downloaded from the freeware webpage as usual - but I guess you already knew this also ... wink
05 Sep 2010 by Jose Falcao

Some of my (our) favourite songs..
And there's a  new topic created on this blog  were I'm going to post some ramblings about music, favourite songs, some data, whatever I feel like to share regarding music and songs - really, the food for our souls wink

This will only be maintained on a non regular basis and, of course, everyone is free to post comments, links, opinions, requests, about any tunes that he/she feels like it.

Hope you all enjoy it smile   Just go check it here..

So, welcome everybody !!
31 Jul 2010 by Jose Falcao

All software updated!
And as I am at it, let's just update the freeware situation with the actual versions each one alredy is on, shall we? If you have any older version of any one - you shouldn't smile but.. anyway - here goes the list with everything new:

•    StockControl - version

•    File Renamer - version
•    Image Downloader - version
•    Web Downloader - ver
•    Wv Player - ver
•    Pic Viewer - version
•    ToDo Reminder - version
•    Mini Calculator - version
•    Porta'Menu - version
•    My Agenda - ver
•    File Spliter - version
•    Favorite Tree - version
•    Date Reminder- version
•    Calendar - version
•    Watch timer - version
•    Watch timer (with skins) - version

And, as always, you can download everything - free - from the freeware webpage, so go there now and check everything out, ok? Well.. it's free anyway! wink
26 Jul 2010 by Jose Falcao

And I'm back here (again) !!
And I am back here (again)! As I'm sure everybody noticed, this blog has been a bit slow for more than a couple of months, no news lately, but freeware development has never stoped - development has always been active, following some users feedback and suggestions - just no time to post the news to this blog, sorry... wassat

Of course, as you know, professional support has never stopped also, only this blog news part of the webpage.

Thank you all very much for all the people that cared to email back! And, hey, keep sending your comments and suggestions, ok? Thank you all! smile
26 Jul 2010 by Jose Falcao

FREE software? Yes, it is!
A few people wrote back asking if all my freeware was really FREE... wassat (??)

Well, it is! Why do people find it so strange for me to be giving away my own software? I know I have had a few suggestions from users saying that I should turn at least some of it to commercial software, as 'they are so good' - their words, not mine wink - but everything on the freeware has always been free and I won't change it.

At least, as long as I am able to support the expenses of maintaining it, as downloads are now well above 200 Mb per day !!

Anyway, just download everything to your hearts content and keep sending me feedback on the programs as, more than donations - although those also help a lot - your suggestions and opinions are what helps me keep motivated to further develop those utility programs making them better to everyone.
22 Jul 2007 by Jose Falcao

And a few more interesting 'quotes' found while browsing...
A few quotes and sayings that we found around while browsing, to add to a few already posted further down... Some are funny, some are really deep and a few that everyone of us can relate to wink
  • The two rules for success in life are:
    1) Never tell them everything you know.

  • Teamwork is essential. It lets you blame someone else. -Anonymous

  • Funny, I don't remember being absent minded.

  • If all goes well, you've overlooked something!

  • Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

  • We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.

  • Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard disk?

Want to read more? Just check the 'Read more..' link bellow smile
31 Jul 2006 by Jose Falcao

'HowTo' regarding Free Software
Just as well, this is a very well written HowTo explaining how to 'pay' for free software. Just read it, and see if you agree with it, as it really describes well what most people think - mistakenly - FREE software does mean... wink

You can also read the official Free Software Definition from The Free Software Foundation, as a matter of fact...
17 Jun 2006 by Jose Falcao

And a few 'quotes' found while browsing the net...
A few quotes and sayings that we found around while browsing - check this news again, as we will be adding a few as we find nice ones to post smile
  • There are only 10 different type of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don't ...

  • Back Up My Hard Drive? I Can't Find The Reverse Switch!

  • If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z
    X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut. - Albert Einstein

  • If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten. - George Clooney

  • If you think experts are expensive, wait until you see how much amateurs cost you!

Want to read more? Just check the 'Read more..' link bellow wink
12 Mar 2006 by Jose Falcao

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