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Re-starting Development!
On the last couple months I've been receiving some emails from long, long time users of some of my little freeware utilities...

That alone makes me feel good, knowing there are people out there that still use and enjoy those 'old' programs, and this makes me want to continue to improve them, on behalf of all of you! So.. I guess "I'm BACK.."

I'm going through all my freeware at the moment, slowly at first, and changing a few things that I had already the idea to do quite a long time ago. Thank you all for leting me know those little freeware utilities are still.. well.. useful even after all those years. smile

I'll be posting all main updates on this blog and, as always, you can download all new versions of my freeware(s) from the freeware webpage.

Priority will be given to the software I use myself all the time, like:
  • File Renamer - file renaming util
  • ToDo Reminder - with alarms
  • WV Player - with play lists
  • Web Downloader - bulk file downloader
  • Image Downloader - search & download
  • ...
11 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao

File Renamer - Editor Review and Antivirus Report
If you want to check the well know site download 3K Editor's Review about File Renamer, reviewed by Gary Oldwood, just follow the link above. It's quite a long one, and a nice one too - if I can say so myself.. wink

Also, they test all hosted software for virus by using five different antivirus software to go trough it and the Antivirus Report can be found here: File Renamer antivirus report

Just another layer of safety to keep us all less worried, thanks to their work!
04 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao

'File Renamer' freeware update -
It has been a while since dedicating myself to my dear freeware utilities but, like Terminator movie, I know.. "I'll be baaack" wink Well, I've been receiving some emails from long time - read 12+ year users, and that alone was so heart warming that I had to try to program again, in spite of all the difficulties..

So 'File renamer' freeware has been updated to version now.

First it has been brought up to date to Windows.Common-Controls v3 newer versions, meaning it'll work better with newer Windows version 'Open' file dialogs - hopefuly..

There was a long time bug that got solved at last: whenever drag'n'drop was being used to drag a folder's name to Renamer, that "All Files" button should load *all* files inside that folder, recursively, folder after sub-folder.. It didn't, now it does!

It has also received some interface touches and improvements - some less visible than others, and a few more less important things..

Slowly it'll get better for all of us and, hey!, thank you so much to all the long time users, because that's what makes it so worth while keeping improving this! And I really mean it, truly, from my heart!

And, as always, this and all other freeware downloads are - and will always be - available from the freeware page.
04 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao

Development stopped for a while....
Sad news but, and altho there have been no post here for a while, all my lil' freeware has been in constant development all the time, responding to folk's requests, ideas and all. Not anymore...

Due to a personal situation, development will be halted for a while, don't really know how long, as I'm really unable to program now. I mean, I've always loved creating all those freeware and improving it troughout the years with YOUR help and interest. Everything has always been free and will always be, as a way to give something back to the Internet. But you all know that..

Maybe when I feel better I'll come back, who knows? In the meanwhile, feel free to download everything you want, ok? "See" you all in a while, hopefully. All the best to you all and, again, thanks for your interest all those years. sad
20 Jan 2018 by Jose Falcao

Free software - what it is (and isn't)
Free software means no cost software, free using by everyone, like in 'free speech', correct? Ok, that is correct, but it doesn't necessarily mean free as in 'free beer'... Confused? You don't need to, as all this - and a little more - is quite well explained in the documents you can find bellow:

Here you have a very nice article explaining on how to 'pay' for free software and describing well what most people think - mistakenly - FREE software does mean...

And of course, there is the official Free Software Definition , from the The Free Software Foundation, that you could find interesting reading.
23 Jan 2014 by Jose Falcao

'Pic Viewer' freeware update -
'Pic Viewer' (and editor) freeware has been updated to version, correcting a few more small bugs, adding a few cosmetic changes and options, and adding some improvements to the code inside, for more efficiency.

You can download this latest version - and all other freeware - from our freeware page, as always.
19 Jan 2014 by Jose Falcao

All software approved as safe by Softpedia
All our freeware has been checked and awarded a "100% Clean Program" certification by Softpedia, testing and approving it as containing no viruses, spyware and adware of any kind and being completely safe to install.

And if you want to, you can check the individual certification reports directly at their site at:

File Renamer . Web Downloader . Date Reminder . File Spliter . Agenda . ToDo List . Wav Player . Favorite Tree . Pic Viewer . Porta Menu . Mini Calculator . Stock Control

This is nothing that we didn't already know ourselves, of course, but that's always good to have a third party - like this so well known and trusted Softpedia site - certifying all our software too. smile
18 Jan 2014 by Jose Falcao

2 of my freeware removed...
The 'Calendar' and 'Watch' freeware utilities have been removed from the downloads, as they were quite old and development on those two was almost inexistent, due to lack of feedback - among other things. Nevertheless, if you want a copy of it, just let me know and I'll email it to anyone that requests it smile

Everything else, from the 'File Renamer' to the 'Web Downloader' to the 'WV Player' and all the rest, can always be downloaded for FREE from the freeware webpage and is being continuously developed and improved for more than 10 years already!
18 Jan 2014 by Jose Falcao

Seasons Greetings
Dear Friends, we want to thank you all for your help and interest on our behalf during this past year, for all your support, and sincerely want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year of 2014, in good health and in the company of everyone that is dear to your heart! I sincerely wish all the best to every single one of you,

with kind regards, Jose Falcao
26 Dec 2013 by Jose Falcao

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