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'File spliter' freeware update -
And a new update to 'File Splitter', up to version

Some improvements to last changes, and correction of a bug that krept in last version and that would cause a Windows exception and create a faulty 're-assembling' executable if you had the option to 'save last save path' and didn't re-choose the path to save on next use! sad

The old method of reassembling partial files by using a DOS batch file is back, so there is a new option in preferences to choose between either methods: the new 're-assembling executable' or the older 'dos batch file' one - if you don't know what this means, just use the default method, ok?

Also, when re-assembling the partial files together, the program now shows a progress bar - this was kind of hard to do, as everything is done using Windows API calls so that the executable's file size wouldn't grow larger. smile

And you may now also change the 'byte format' when using the 'custom size' choosing box, something that was missing and that could be kind of annoying if you used it a lot.

Most of those changes have been suggested by our good user tDJ, so thank you for your suggestions!

And, of course, you already know from were to download this - and a lot of other - FREEware utils, right?
30 Dec 2006 by Jose Falcao

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