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'Softwar Submitter' new update -
There is a new update available to 'Softwar Submit', the software to let software authors publish their work online across the internet, is now available.

This update is already available for quite a while, although it hasn't been announced here. What has really been updated now is the software database of submit sites, trimming a few old sites that have gone dead - or changed subject - keeping it updated. Still, the software keeps it's site database above the 350 items - and those are true sites to submit to, not just link sites nor anything like it.

You can, of course, download a trial version of this software from our webpage. This trial version has no limits, except for the fact that it only has a few sites available on it's list. To get the full database, you have to buy the full version of this software.
21 Jul 2007 by Jose Falcao

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