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And a few more updates to the freeware ...
And here are a few more updates, to the freeware, so some new versions are now available for download - for FREE, as always:

 'File renamer' freeware, up to version
 'Web Downloader' freeware, up to version
 'ToDo List Reminder' freeware, up to version
 'Agenda' freeware, up to version

All freeware mentioned above - and a lot more - may be downloaded freely from the FREEware page.
21 Jul 2007 by Jose Falcao

by Bert @ 22 Jul 2007 09:04 am
So, these program are free, are they?
I'm just checking, because it is not quite clear at the moment. laughing

answer to comment: Yes, they are FREE, like in the proverbial beer and speech smile Why do people find it so strange for me to be giving away my own programs? wink [Jose Falcao]

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