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'Agenda' freeware update -
And we have a new update to 'Agenda' freeware, up to version

A few more improvements, and the 'Observation' field has been made a bit larger - 2 lines instead of only one - in order to show all text available for that field.

Thanks to all users that cared to send feedback about this freeware lately - it's always nice to know that I have happy users using my small utilities and liking it smile

Download this new version from the freeware page, as usual.
31 Jul 2007 by Jose Falcao

by Bert @ 03 Aug 2007 10:50 am
Did 7zip help in reducing the size of the files?

answer to comment: Didn't test it yet... sad Too much work, too much freeware to update, you know wink [Jose Falcao]

by Bert @ 01 Aug 2007 05:07 pm
This program is also freeware?

Just checking... because you can't be too sure. laughing

answer to comment: Yes, Bert, this is also freeware - almost all my software is FREEware, as I have programmed all utilities at first for my own use and.. for fun. And then I decided to share it with everyone else [JF] smile

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