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'ToDo Reminder' freeware update -
'ToDo Reminder' freeware continues being updated all the time, and is now at version

Appart from the bug corrected (see notice bellow), a lot of changes were also made to this freeware utility and it is now a couple versions above the last information here on this blog. Goes to show that development never stops, although information here might be skiped once in a while... Time is scarce, you know...

Some of the changes made to ToDo Reminder where to allow input forms to be resizable - requested by some users. Also, main form now has an option to be semi-transparent if you, like me, want it to show what's behind it when being loaded all the time on your desktop. And a few more smaller things were introduced.

New download available at the freeware page as always...
13 Feb 2012 by Jose Falcao

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