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'File Renamer' freeware update -
'File renamer' freeware continues being updated all the time, and is now at version

Version introduced the Win 64 bit Explorer's context menu, long due, but difficult to accomplish with free tools, as Delphi is still only 32bit. I had to use the Free Pascal Lazarus Pascal 64 bit version to compile a brand new DLL to make it work.

As you all know, File renamer always had the possibility to add a new context menu to Windows file explorer, to ease the sending of all files/folders to it's application window for easier renaming. Now it works on both 32 and 64 bit. There is also the possibility of only creating a SendTo extension if you prefer.

On version a correction to a bug was also done.. In fact, the new modification to the 'script creator' left all older scripts non-usable because a conversion routine was not added to the freeware wassat Sorry for that, but again thanks to our long user Kraus that brought it to my attention, this new version now dully corrects this omission.

And, as always, all new versions can be freely downloaded from the freeware webpage. It's FREE, folks! Just go there and use it.
19 Feb 2012 by Jose Falcao

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