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Re-starting Development!
On the last couple months I've been receiving some emails from long, long time users of some of my little freeware utilities...

That alone makes me feel good, knowing there are people out there that still use and enjoy those 'old' programs, and this makes me want to continue to improve them, on behalf of all of you! So.. I guess "I'm BACK.."

I'm going through all my freeware at the moment, slowly at first, and changing a few things that I had already the idea to do quite a long time ago. Thank you all for leting me know those little freeware utilities are still.. well.. useful even after all those years. smile

I'll be posting all main updates on this blog and, as always, you can download all new versions of my freeware(s) from the freeware webpage.

Priority will be given to the software I use myself all the time, like:
  • File Renamer - file renaming util
  • ToDo Reminder - with alarms
  • WV Player - with play lists
  • Web Downloader - bulk file downloader
  • Image Downloader - search & download
  • ...
11 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao

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