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'ToDo Reminder' freeware update -
'ToDo Reminder' freeware has had a few more updates and is now at version

This one already had a lot of changes and improvements done to it previously, turning it into a *real* full options software, but was never released for public use as version unfortunately. Now I made a few more cosmetic touches, updated it to v3 of 'controls' and.. that's about it. smile

I use this software every single day myself, as it really is unobtrusive, being small and quite fast, and does reminds me of everything I have to do in an easy and simple way!

In case someone is worried, it also has been tested for virus by using five different antivirus and the Antivirus Report can be found here: ToDo Reminder antivirus report

As always, all freeware can be downloaded from here. Keep sending your suggestions, ideas and... *knocks on wood* bugs! wink
12 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao



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