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'Image Downloader' freeware update -
The 'Image Downloader' freeware has been updated again, up to version

The search method and search engine used by Image Downloader (and searcher) has been changed again, making it work just fine all over again. Search engines are always changing and it is sometimes hard to keep up with all the modifications. wassat

Nowadays, if we want to use any software to reach and deliver any search engine searches, we have to use their 'Search APIs' which are not free anymore. So, in effect, we have to pay to do our own private use - and it costs a lot of $$ per month for any subscription! It'll be increasingly difficult to keep this working for free but, so far.... wink

Anyway, it is running as intended again.

New downloads available at the freeware page as always.
29 Aug 2021 by Jose Falcao



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