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'Web Downloader' freeware update -
And finally, our 'Web Downloader', the freeware internet download manager, has been updated to version

A lot of a lot of code was changed, some code that was not needed anymore - since Windows and all browsers keep changing things - has been removed. The "context menu" utility has been removed too, since most recent web browsers require an 'extension' to do it and it's not easy to do it from a foreign software that they didn't 'approve' in the first place... wassat

The HELP file has been updated too, including now all the new options and resources, as well as new pictures of the freeware. There's a new section about the companion "Drop Box" too, useful when you just want to drag'n'drop items to Web Donload's window without all the clutter on your PC's desktop.

I still use this software myself all the time, as I feel it's the easiest and most option packed of all available - and it's FREE, on top of that. smile

And, as always, this and all other freeware programs can be downloaded directly from my freeware webpage.
22 Sep 2021 by Jose Falcao



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