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'Biorhythm' freeware -
There is a new FREEware utility available for anyone to download! smile

'Biorhythm' is a small free software that will draw your own personal Biorhythm cycles, based on your birthday date, so that you can better analize your Biologic Rhythm cycles: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Intuitional. A somewhat interesting information to have at hand and help you better understand how they will affect emotions, alertness and readiness, among other things.

The Biorhythm theory is based on the idea that our daily lives are significantly affected by rhythmic cycles with periods of exactly 23, 28 and 33 days, typically a 23-day physical cycle, a 28-day emotional cycle, and a 33-day intellectual cycle.

With this software, you can add as many persons as you want to it and have it draw the rythms for everyone. It'll draw all rythms for one year span of time.

This is still a first version of the software - which is and will allways be FREE - and I hope to be adding a lot of new features to it as time goes by. Of course, if any of you has any suggestions, ideas or.. criticisms, just let me know and I'll surely add anything to the 'Biorhythm' freeware! smile

And, as always, this and all other freeware programs can be downloaded directly from my freeware webpage.
28 Sep 2021 by Jose Falcao



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