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'Biorhythm' freeware update -
This 'Biorhythm' reader and analyzer has already been updated a couple times, being now at version

A lot of improvements have been introduced already, and a few more will in the near future! We now have a 'help' file where, apart of concise description of this software and what it can do, there's also a chapter explaining what BioRhythms are and how to interpret them on your daily life.

It now has and shows you two extra rythms: Spiritual and Aesthetic, that can de selected when clicking on the 'Draw extra rythms' from the main 'Program' menu.

A couple small bugs have been corrected and a 'chart' system has been added on the right bottom corner, showing your progress on each biorythm cycle for the current day.

And a few more things.. And, as always, this and all other freeware programs can be downloaded directly from my freeware webpage.
02 Oct 2021 by Jose Falcao



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