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'Biorhythm' freeware update -
'Biorhythm' graphic and analyzer is updated again, up to version

It now shows a little graph showing where you are percentually on each Biologic Rhythm and if it's going up (improving) or down (take care..).

A small toolbar is also added to the lower part on the interface, with some extra options and, mainly, a new button to the right of the profile selector (name) - the button with the little red arrow - takes you to a simple interpretation on 'today' of your personal graph!

All in all, this software keeps evolving wink! As always, you can download it for FREE, as well as all our other FREEware, from my freeware webpage.
08 Oct 2021 by Jose Falcao

by B.C. @ 04 Dec 2021 10:05 am
Hello! Finally, a nice biorrithm program that works well and.. hey!! it's also free? smile Loved it, lots of info and everything looks right! will be sending a little donation too, right after this wink



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