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Leave here all your questions relating to our File Renamer freeware. Of course, you can still e-mail us directly with any questions, doubts or queries, if you so prefer.
26 Jul 2009 by Jose Falcao

by bob @ 08 Dec 2013 01:30 pm
Version doesnt include files in the sub folders when you drag and drop folders and select "all Files". Which gives the same result as selecting "File". However it does include the content of subfolders if I select <filter files by> and then select recursive search.

2. Is there a way to conditionally replace a string based on its occurrence in the string? ex. I want to replace only the 2nd occurrence of the "-" in each file name.

great program
thanks so much.

answer to comment: Well, thank you for noticing that and bringing it to my attention.. Somehow, it seems to have stoped working a while back wassat! It's corrected now, from version on. Thanks for the heads up, Bob! [JF]

by Jim @ 06 Jan 2012 10:10 pm
Hi, Jose

Thanks for File Renamer. Love it.

I noticed something odd today. I created a bunch of shortcuts (to pdf docs) in a folder and tried to rename them in bulk using File Renamer. It only listed one file and it didn't show the full name - didn't show the "Shortcut to" portion that XP appends to a shortcut. Tried it with other file types and the same thing happened. Any idea why this is happening? WinXP SP3, File Renamer Thanks!

by Fan @ 27 Jan 2012 01:20 pm
how can I copy the scrips from one computer to another? Thanks for the great software. I have scripts on version that I like to copy, and possible to the new version as well.

answer to comment: Hi Fan. All scripts and settings are saved in the Rename.ini file, inside the same folder where Rename.exe resides, so just copy the ini file to all other places where you have instaled the software and everything will be available there too! Easy.. smile [JF]

by Diana @ 04 Mar 2009 02:43 am
This all looks good, but I am struggling to see what option I should choose and how to use it.

I have files named e.g. IND0001234drg.drg and I want to substitute the drg.drg for .drg but I don't seem to be getting it right. Please help.

answer to comment: Hi Diana, for your example above, just use the 'Remove .. from File name' option, using 'drg' string.. Easy in'it? smile
It will remove 'drg' from file name, not touching extension of file, exactly like you wanted. [JF]

by Been @ 13 Jan 2009 05:36 pm
Thanks for the software. It made life easier.
Just a small bug I came across: The options cannot be selected/are grayed out when the window is maximized.

answer to comment: Hi Been, please see answer bellow regarding tjis.. [JF]

by Gregg Eshelman @ 10 Dec 2008 02:22 am
I've used this on XP for a while, works great. Just downloaded and unzipped on Vista Ultimate and it doesn't work. The option 'radio buttons' do nothing when clicked, so no option can be selected.

answer to comment: Hi Gregg, this was due to Vista working in a different way from XP regarding themes and the like.. wassat
It has already been corrected a while ago, so please download the latest version, as it is working fine with Vista now, ok? smile [JF]

by AVM @ 14 Sep 2008 03:17 pm
Hi, Can you extend Renamer's abilities to support complex fonts, such as Indic, Chinese etc? I've tried to use this program on directories having names with Devnagari fonts, but it crashes on those... wassat

answer to comment: Hi! Not in the plans for now, maybe in the (near?) future... (sorry) [JF]

by tran @ 18 Nov 2008 02:57 am
Many thanks for the File Renamer, it used to be a pain whenever I tried to batch renaming my videos the way I like it. Your software is simple and user-friendly yet very effective. It saves me a lot of trouble. smile

by Peter @ 08 Jul 2008 06:07 am
Hi, I often have to rename a couple of files using a certain script. I would like to do this job from a DOS-command-line, giving rename.exe the filelist and the name of the script as parameters.
I guess this is not possible, isn't it?

answer to comment: Hi Peter, no it isn't, see answers bellow regarding command line... (sorry) [JF]

by eric ohman @ 12 Jun 2008 10:40 am
hi! i have a question about filerenamer.

i want to use command line to rename a file so that spaces is removed and the first letter is Capitalized. I've made a script in the GUI (rename.exe) which does that.

Can I access that script from the command line?

rename.exe path/myfile.jpg MYSCRIPT

Best regards,
Eric Ohman

answer to comment: Hi Eric, please see answers bellow regarding command lines... (sorry) [JF]

by Bruce @ 09 Nov 2007 12:03 pm
I would like to use the renamer from the command line but in bulk fashion.
Is there a way to apply a script to the command line option of rename.exe?

answer to comment: Hi Bruce. No there isn't... sad File Renamer is a Windows application, not a command line one.. To do what you want, you can still find some old DOS utilities around... [JF]

by faraway @ 25 May 2008 04:09 pm
nice programs here. The File Renamer is often in use and it`s a very useful tool.
Thank you for that freeware!!!
Greetings from Germany!

by mikko rintala @ 06 Nov 2007 03:33 pm
Thanks again.

Ps. those things i suggested can't be done with the script thingie, right? As I understood it is only for making 'command batches' or 'macros', if you will.

by mikko rintala @ 06 Nov 2007 03:32 pm
- 'Decapitalize'-function with all the same options as 'capitalize'. Don't really have any particular need in mind for this right now(besides of filenames consisting only capital letters.. which are kinda rare, but anyways..) but I'd guess it would be quite easily added after the creating the 'capitalize'-function already... The more options - the more uses, says I. :)

by mikko rintala @ 06 Nov 2007 03:32 pm
- Capitalize n:th letter (this is utterly handy when naming for instance multipleepisodes of tv-series. Series S##E## - Episode name... Since it is nice to have the episode title beginning with a capital letter also)

by mikko rintala @ 06 Nov 2007 03:32 pm
Now on top of my gratitude, I'd like to throw in some ideas how to improve the awesome tool even more...

by mikko rintala @ 06 Nov 2007 03:31 pm

I just found & downloaded 'File Renamer' and I just love it. I'm the neurotic type that want's to keep everything in insane order and this application really makes my life easier.

by Larry @ 06 Sep 2007 05:03 am
I love your File Renamer tool! It's freeware and very very effective. God bless you. I'll donate as soon as I earn my own money :)
I'm still going to school tongue

by KenJ @ 21 Jul 2007 10:46 pm
I often come across directories without leading zeroes in the name (name1, name10, name100, name101, ... name109, name11, name110) thus putting the files out of sequence, as shown. It would be helpful if File Renamer could fix it so that renamed files can be in proper order? Personally, I would prefer two-digits, using letters as in hexadecimal, but I would be willing to rename the three-digit format to two-digit format in another step.

answer to comment: Well, if I understood correctly, the easiest way to do it would be to:

  Rename files name1 to name9 with 'Rename to..' string of '00' and
      "Add '00' at 4 chars from name begin"
  Rename files from name10 to name99 with string of '0' and
      "Add '0' at 4 chars from name begin"

and you will get all files with the correct names and order, correct? Simple... wink [Jose Falcao]

by Tiggy626 @ 17 Jul 2007 11:54 am
I want to rename files in a directory so that all the *.zip files become *.cbz, and all the *.rar files become *.cbr. Is there a way to do this in a script?

When I tried just making my selections like I usually would, then adding a line to the script, the initial filename selection was not saved, so what actually happened is that ALL files were changed first to *.cbz, then to *.cbr.

answer to comment: Well, the script editor does not - yet - work like that... sad Each script you create only works on the list of files already opened in the program's window, and is not able to load files by itself. BUT your idea is good, and I will extend the software to be able to do what you want, as this would be useful to everyone - including me.

And that's the beauty of user feedback: it helps me have new ideas to improve the software for everyone smile Thanks for your suggestion, Tiggy! [Jose Falcao]

by Raj @ 04 Mar 2007 12:07 pm
Very good site. File Rename works very fine, I all way use it.



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