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Leave here all your questions relating to our Stock Control software. Of course, you can still e-mail us directly with any questions, doubts or queries, if you so prefer.
26 Jul 2009 by Jose Falcao

by Greg Wessels @ 26 Jul 2007 02:48 pm
We are building boats and want to montitor the usage if raw material for each boat. Plus monitor stock. Is this possible with your software. We will be building 5 boats at a time and each will be a different design.

answer to comment: I have no doubt that this software will work for you. You just have to define all products and the materials they are built with and from there the software will control production and stocks, as long as you keep feeding it with the daily production data. Anyway, please test the demo and it's 'test database' to check it's use. And any doubt or issue you may have, don't hesitate in emailing us. [Jose Falcao]

by Hernan Serrano @ 25 Jul 2007 03:10 pm
Mira, he bajado el DEMO, para evaluar tu programa para una empresa. Deberias en la ayuda poner un seguimiento desde cero, de como implementar una normal operacion en tu programa me explico:
1-Entra orden de pedido
2-Siguiente paso a seguir. Etc

answer to comment: Existe um capitulo 'getting started' no help que tenta explicar como iniciar a utilização do programa.. Talvez esteja simples demais? Qualquer duvida, por favor envie-me um email, ok?

There is a 'getting started' chapter in the help file, that tries to explain how to use the program.. Maybe it is too simple? But for any doubt, please don't hesitate in emailing me personnaly, ok? [Jose Falcao]

by Eduardo @ 15 Apr 2007 01:41 am
I think I like your program "Stockcontrol" I downloaded the demo but I'm still trying to figure out what a lot of the entries mean especially in the Production Entries window... I'm sorry I just cant figure them out. I have windows Vista, Your help menu does not work on windows vista, I had to download a patch from Microsoft to finally get it to work but, sincerely... the help is not much help... I still don't get it... do you have examples? or definitions of what each box means?

answer to comment: Thank you for letting me know help file doesn't work well with Vista... On all other issues and doubts, don't hesitate in emailing me personally and I will help you (and this goes for everybody else, of course) to go trough the software. [Jose Falcao]

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